What’s Right is Right by Terry D. Seaton

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Terry Seaton has published his third book, What’s Right is Right. For his other books see my blog posts about him: His first book, Across the Channel, and his first novel, The Gang of Four.

Book Description:
With the novel What’s Right is Right, the author returns to the western Kentucky-southern Indiana setting of his first book, Across the Channel: A collection of Stories and Poems. This novel explores the relationships between Rhonda Evans and her husband Grandville Tyler Evans, between Rhonda Evans and Clay Weber, and conversely between Grandville and Clay. Clay and Grandville being cousins and growing up more as brothers complicate situations. The story presents a series of events familiar to the human experience, allowing the reader to delve into the psyche of the three main characters, as well as those of their family members. The story’s basic premise examines the role of traditional morality in human relationships, the costs imposed on individuals by those moral judgments, and society’s response to aberrations in the traditional moral code.

What’s Right is Right, set in western Kentucky towns of Calhoun and Rumsey sometime in the past, provides an enjoyable, exciting read with a downhome feel. As the story unfolds, the reader will grasp new insights and emotional responses to the sights of country lanes, secluded two lane blacktops, and pickup trucks.

This book is available for purchase through creatspace, Kindle, & Amazon.