The Gang of Four by Terry D. Seaton

the gang of four Terry D. Seaton the gang of four Terry D. Seaton2

Terry D. Seaton’s first novel & second published book. His first book is Across the Channel: A Collection of Stories and Poems.

Book Description:
The Gang of Four is a tale of Adventure and Suspense. If anyone will be offended by hard violence and explicit sex, you should not read this book. For everyone else, you will find a rousing, swashbuckling saga to keep you turning pages in anticipation. The characters fight hard and love as passionately as they fight. Ted and Gina, Tony and Sydney make up an unlikely group that grows to become The Gang of Four. The Gang of Four exhibits the four’s unconventional love story interwoven into the action/ adventure and the growth of the characters as they are affected by their experiences and environment. Internal struggles concerning honor, passion, and moral uncertainty challenge the main characters as strongly as the physical challenges. Read The Gang of Four for an enjoyable escape into adventure.

Book interior and exterior design by Jenna Citrus.

This book is available for purchase through createspace, Kindle & Amazon.

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