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Book Description:
From emerging sexuality to young love on the brink of adulthood, to antics of the author and his coworkers, to the tragic effects of war on the author’s best friend from high school, this work contains experiences and insights of the author gleaned from years growing up and rearing a family while working factories and coal mine in southern Indiana and western Kentucky. Humorous, poignant, and thought provoking, the poems and stories focus on individuals and the effects of the world around them on the individual’s psyche and actions.

About the author:
Born in 1951, Terry Seaton resides in Evansville, Indiana with his wife, Donna, and their dachshund, Lucky. After working in factories and a coal mine, Terry earned his degree in English education from the University of Southern Indiana and began teaching English and journalism at Mt. Vernon High School in 1995 where he continues to teach. Described as a southern writer by John Hawkes and Rust Hills, Terry’s writing draws on experiences from his life to focus on interpersonal relationships and effects of place and events on individuals. 

This is Terry’s first published book.

Terry, my high school creative writing teacher, approached me last year with a photograph I had taken. He brought the photograph to a meet with me at PG. And he said, “I want this image as a book cover.” This led to a fairly long process of proofing the book, copy editing, picking corresponding images for some of the poems, and finally hitting the publish button.

Terry’s book is available at Amazon, Creatspace, Wal-Mart online, and our local libraries.

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