This year has been a whirlwind, that’s all I can say. I’ve gone places, done things, and created art that I couldn’t have imagined this year would have held.

I’m proud to have been able to wrap 2016 and into January 2017 with my Efroymson Bridge Year Exhibition: Process. Thank you so much for the opportunity to present my works.

I’m also astounded at how many opportunities I’ve been granted to travel. Here is a breakdown of where I went this year:

List of Places Traveled This Year

February 11-15
Los Angelos (to meet with Alex Norelli, Bryan came for a day)

March 7-16
Road Trip to NYC (Alex Norelli)
First time in Ohio!!!

March 24-27
Goose Pond (Bryan and Libby)

April 23-24
St. Louis,  (Alissa, Gerry, Bryan, Jenna)

April 29-May 2
Detroit, Michigan (Bryan)
Cincinnati, Ohio

June 11-13
SF weekend
Yellow springs, OH
Cincinnati College Visit
The Ohio State University College Visit
Liv Sage & Diana Schenkel <3

August 7-17
Europe Modeling Trip (with Bryan, Rose McKenzie, and Zoe Ivy)
Brugge, Belgium
Nice, France to Monaco
Berlin, Germany

October 1-3
University of Illinois, Champaign, Urbana (Bryan)
SAIC Chicago, Illinois

October 7-9
Nashville, Tennessee Mt. Juliet (Bryan)

Nashville, Tennessee (Victoria/Rachel)

October 13-18
Portland OCAC / / PNCA & OCAC

October 30
Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky with Bryan

53 days


2015 Images of Awe

Locations traveled:
Evansville, Indiana
Frozen Lakes of Michigan
New York, New York
St. Louis, Missouri
Chicago, Illinois
All over Italy.
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Prague, Czech Republic
Louisville, Kentucky
Hampton, Tennessee
New Bern, North Carolina
Pound’s Hallow, Illinois
Bloomington, Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana
Chicago, Illinois
Henderson, Kentucky
Nashville, Tennessee