The Key to Make

The secret to making art is to not think about why you are making, where it will go, or if it is good enough.
Just make, knowing that your whole life has prepared you for this moment.
And in this moment, you do not need to think.
You do not need permission.
Simply act.

Quote from Infusion.

Infusion | Positive Quote Journal

Jenna Citrus Art

Infuse positivity into your everyday by using this sketch book. The author uses some of her personal manifestos in this publication. Quotes are written at the top of each page to evoke and maintain a stream of positivity and happiness while journaling, sketching, or doodling.

I never thought it would take this long to write a book, especially one with less than 1,000 words, but this quote journal has taken many forms in the year it has been written. And to keep with tradition, this is my official “Write One Book Per Year” goal accomplished. The actual typing, formatting, and writing of the final version of this book flew by, but the research, development, and wording took a year.

About the cover this is one of my recent paintings, I created it when my friend Kelly was over. Later my mom said I should make this into a journal cover, I thought about it, and she was completely right (as always), this cover stands for the all the colors and fusion that positivity speaks to me of, the intricacy of contrasting colors on top of one another, and even the cooler colors representing the difficulties that need to have an infusion of positivity into them to pull through them.

Screen shot 2014-11-27 at 6.52.26 PM

Quotes from the journal:
“Progression and Acceptance”
“Evoke moments of awe.”
“Living has transformed itself into an art.”
“Don’t crate, create.”
“Actively listen to others. Think & Decide for yourself.”

Available at createspace, Amazon, and etsy.

Vital—Class Poem—May 2011

The ride is long.
Knowledge is gained through experience.
Experience may not always be the easiest thing.
One day, at a time.
One foot, in front of the other.


Inner strength.
The ability to breathe and feel revitalized.
Calm and steady nerves, anxious hands.
The future is within reach.


After growing to become what is now.
The beautiful today.


The future is here and coming now.
The rest of the past waits ahead.
Experience and live.
Time helps the journey pursuit.
Reach out, with open hearts,
Take in the fullest of everything.