Artist to Watch on Nakid Magazine

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I’ve been featured on Nakid Magazine’s Instagram today as their Artist to Watch! See the full article here with images here!

Hand Painting No. 8 is published in Nakid Magazine’s Red and Black Issue, February 2017

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Hand Painting No. 8 is published in Nakid Magazine’s Red and Black Issue. Read the pre-release here and the release here. Elegant design and to curation work by Dustin Hollywood. Pages 46-51 contain my work.

Featured Artists from the Issue Include:
Tuck Chaylor
The Dream Queens
Jenna Citrus
Alexis Newton
Ned Jokanovic
Tyler Hubby
Elena Escobedo
Bill Qisthi M. Agist
Adam FLowers
Noa – ノア
Matthew Dols
Paul Henschel
Dustin Hollywood
Raul Smith
Eil Q-de
Fernando Piccoli
Hannes Windrath
Daniel Carranza
Azzura Guerrini
Nicolau Spadoni

Update for An Opened Book End

After sitting on this book for all of 2016, I was jump started to plunge back in and make one final editing round after I had a healing touch massage on January 12th.

When I returned from California and Arizona, I was ready to finish the rest of this book and get it ready to publish.

I’m working to arrange a book release party and several book signings. Keep on the look out for updates and pre-sale opportunities.

The Cover An Open Book Ending