Take Over by Happiness Series Part II | becoming past, and now, and the future

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Each journal cover from Take Over by Happiness Series Part II was digital created using different techniques, the image bases are directly from original Jenna Citrus paintings.

Notes from Publish at Least One Book Per Year Project:
This year I folded together and edited my next poetry book, An Opened Book End.
On the 4th of July and the 72-96 hours afterwards, I sat and edited. Beginning the edit was a beyond monumental task for me, but it finally began, and kept going. Within a week I had edited down the content by half and proof read it all once it had been cut, then I selected some of my close friends and family for a read through. This was difficult and it felt like I was coming out, some of my deepest poetic moments lay bare on the pages for the people you keep secrets from to read.
I have submitted some of the content from An Opened Book End to contests and have plans to publish within the next year.

Take Over by Happiness Series Part II | the future

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the future is a paper-bound journal that features 222 blank, lined sheets for you to put pen to paper and record your thoughts. The cover features original artwork by artist, Jenna Citrus. This 6×9 journal is an awesome place to jot down a few sentences from your daily happenings, pen down thoughts for the future, or take several pages of this generous sized journal and record your life events.
the future is the third in a three part series of journals in Miss Citrus’ Take Over By Happiness series.

Available at: createspace, amazon, and etsy.