Art Auction

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Time to make way for new art pieces by clearing out the older ones.
From now until Saturday, October 18th 2014 at 8 p.m. this piece will be auctioned via this facebook post. If you would like to purchase this piece please post a price you would be willing to pay, silent auction style.
This piece in 2012 was creating using colored dyes.
The size is 22″ x 30″ on fibrous paper.
Please share with fellow art lovers.

Vital—Class Poem—May 2011

The ride is long.
Knowledge is gained through experience.
Experience may not always be the easiest thing.
One day, at a time.
One foot, in front of the other.


Inner strength.
The ability to breathe and feel revitalized.
Calm and steady nerves, anxious hands.
The future is within reach.


After growing to become what is now.
The beautiful today.


The future is here and coming now.
The rest of the past waits ahead.
Experience and live.
Time helps the journey pursuit.
Reach out, with open hearts,
Take in the fullest of everything.