Mixed Signals

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Mixed Signals confronts the ever-confusing signs from the modern through conceptual photographic images questioning typical stereotypes.

Each photograph confronts a social/culture issue that we of the modern day, are confronted with. The concepts range from social structures preventing each individual from achieving their full creative potential, the shame still associated with nudity, environmental pollution of the Earth, and the outlandish standards of women’s clothing.

After these issues are confronted through the photographs then a message of healing, inspiration, and reflection are sent through the traditional art and paintings.

The paintings contrast the photographic images by their fractal & galactic allusive imagery showing a connection with nature through the cosmic world. By looking outside of the harsh normalities society confronts us with everyday and by reconnecting to the natural world, an inner balance can be drawn from the confrontation of what typical life has come to be and what it has the potential to become.

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