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Jenna Citrus’s work covers an array of mediums, this blog is organized by categories as to easily allow viewers find the topics they are most interested in. Listed below are the categories and information about each subject.

Art House Sculpt EVV was completed in Summer 2014. This collaborative project was taught by Dr. Braysmith of the University of Southern Indiana as a summer class. This class brought together their creative skill set in a variety of mediums to cultivate an immersive art environment in less than a month.
Jenna’s involvement was as student and a student worker for the class.

Books & Publications showcases Jenna’s imagery in a variety of mediums that have been published. She has designed and photographed for Terry Seaton’s novels and compilations of short stories, completed designs for Lightmares’s album releases, and self-published a variety of journals and photographic retrospects. This category also includes her works published by others.

Design is a complex category that includes graphic design pieces, a font Jenna designed, and even on sight construction projects like building a dress out of old book pages on a live model.

Evansville features a few projects happening in the great local community in Evansville, Indiana. Midwest is the best.

Gallery & Exhibition archives a variety of solo and combination art shows that Jenna has exhibited her works in publicly.

Modeling includes images from photographers that Jenna Citrus has modeled for. Jenna started as a self-portrait artist utilizing her background of observing people being posed at her work at Studio B Photography and has now crossed over for modeling for other professional photographers.

Photography exhibits some of Jenna’s photographic based designed images. Jenna began her career as a photographer’s assistant and has worked at a professional studio for over 5 years, although her university training is in Graphic Design and Business Administration, she utilizes photography as a source when considering design works and thoroughly enjoys photography as a work of art in itself.

Traditional Art has been Jenna’s most long-term medium. Since they were first offered as electives in high school, Jenna has taken as many traditional art classes as possible with an emphasis in 3-D media. In 2007 Jenna began an obsessive love affair with acrylic paints. Her splatter painting exploded its bounds of 2-D surfaces and moves onto surfaces such as painted toilet-seats and clothing.

Urban Exploring holds a large number of images of abandoned locations. For those fascinated with decay this is the place to be lost in. Jenna’s love of Art Houses began with abandoned locations and the possibilities they present.


All images are copyright to Jenna Citrus unless noted otherwise, all other artist’s retain ownership to their images.

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