InfiniTrees Woven Art Blanket

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This woven blanket is 69 x 53 inches and made in the United States through the company

Blankets will be available in 4-6 weeks. Contact Jenna Citrus via facebook or email ( today to place your order. Blankets are $85, shipping is $6 to anywhere in the USA, contact for international shipping rates.




I’m pleased to announce that StringTheory and I have collaborated on a few new pieces. Using her leather bag designs combined with my InfiniTrees, image of the John Lennon Wall, and Eternity images.


Image of blue form with the mandala and orange background is Eternity, graffiti is the John Lennon Wall, and InfiniTrees is the top right back with an image. All other bag designs are by StringTheory.

Photos of the bags by StringTheory.