Immerse: Full-Dome Art Installation at the Evansville Museum’s Koch Immersive Theater Dome

Jenna Citrus ArtIMG_9539Jenna Citrus ArtIMG_7861

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Meetup, Evansville Museum’s Event Page, Facebook Event, and Interview with Evansville Podcast Promoting the Event and Jenna’s artwork.

Thursday, April 28, 2016.

Artist Jenna (Citrus) Rueger is presenting an aural and visual art display of her work in the unique environment of Koch Immersive Theater. While usually reserved for planetarium shows, the domed projection screen inside the Museum’s planetarium is more than just a venue to see stars and giant screen movies. Her work, which consists of photographic designs, original paintings and artwork are to be displayed on the big screen in 360 degree, eye encompassing splendor. Some of the pieces that are to be displayed are reminiscent of rotundas, fractals, and abstract imagery. Many never before seen images of paintings, photographs, and tessellations will be projected for one show only.

Miss Rueger is this year’s Efroymson Bridge Year Fellow at the University of Southern Indiana. This fellowship is presented to a recent graduate from USI and allows the recipient a year to prepare a portfolio for the purpose of applying to graduate programs for a MFA. Jenna will host a solo exhibition of her work in December 2016 at the McCutchan Art Center/Pace Galleries located at the University of Southern Indiana to complete her fellowship.

Shadows in Lights

custom light 3 d printing laser cutter exploration innovation nature Night Trees Long Exposure Stars Jenna Citrus ArtIMG_0733

After unleashing some of the possibilities 3-D printing held, I was inspired to convert one of my paintings to a 3-D modeled light.

The above photograph is a paper model.
The below models exhibit the concept modeled in 3-D.

Screen shot 2015-02-06 at 1.18.41 AM

This process began with a painting.

Scan 21

Then it is converted to a png.


It is cut, transformed, and finishes as a Papier mâché light.