2017 2

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January 19 home to Atlanta to Los Angeles

January 21 LA to San Diego

January 24 Cowles Mountain and Balboa Park. Magnolias.

January 25 Cabrillo
Raki raki ramen
Dog Beach
ocean beach/Newport were my haunts of San Diego. And I loved them. Miss them.

January 26 Blacks Beach

January 27 Sam Diego to Phoenix

January 30 Phoenix to Desert Hot Springs

January 31 desert springs, Palm Springs, Bombay beach, salvation mountain

February 2 49 Palms Oasis
Joshua Tree
Lake Havasu

February 3 Estrella Mountain Park

February 5 San Bernardino

February 6 Tehachapi Mountains

February 7 LA

February 8 LAX to Atlanta to home

April 4 Home to Cincinnati, OH Bentleyville

April 5 Kalahari

April 6 Kalahari to Allentown, PA to NYC

April 9 NYC to Allentown, PA to Philadelphia, PA

April 10 Philadelphia, PA to Brookhaven, PA

April 11 Hershey, PA to home

April 21 home to Nashville to home woah.

May 20 home to Louisville to Florence, KY

May 21 Cincinnati apt shopping day & Wyoming art show

May 22 Cincinnati to home

May 26 home to Cincinnati to Louisville to home

July 15 Drive to Florida day, Disney week through July 21

July 21 Disney to Cedar Key

July 22 Cedar Key to Cartersville, GA

July 23 Cartersville to bookstore to bookstore to home

July 24 Bridgeport, IL

August 7 moved to Cincinnati

August 19 Coldplay in Cleveland Day

Back and forth between my two homes with no more traveling since I was always traveling save my school field trips to Richmond, IN and Columbus, OH