Brainchild 2016 Image Published

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Brainchild Literary & Arts Magazine from Kent State University.

Honor Students from across the nation are published in Kent State’s prestigious literary and arts magazine.

My photograph, Hidden in Site, can be found on page 67. It has been a pleasure to participate in Brainchild over the past three years. Last year my painting, Division, was used as their cover art. In 2014 two of my sculpture pieces and my stream of conscious piece “Star Shooting” were published.

Visit to The Heidelberg Project

Jenna Citrus ArtIMG_0007 Jenna Citrus ArtIMG_0017 Jenna Citrus ArtIMG_0030 Jenna Citrus ArtIMG_0038 Jenna Citrus ArtIMG_0039 Jenna Citrus ArtIMG_0057 Jenna Citrus ArtIMG_0060 Jenna Citrus ArtIMG_9979 Jenna Citrus ArtIMG_9986

May 1, 2016, a visit to The Heidelberg Project. <3

In 2014, I spent countless nights researching this and other home installation art pieces, I was enamored with The Heidelberg Project.  This year, while in Detroit, I got to make homage to one of the projects that started The Art House.

Artist, Tyree, was outside talking to all visitors and tweaking the installation. After 5/8 arsons, the project continues to live. The sites of the burns are pieces of artwork themselves, incorporated into the project.

Immerse: Exhibition Night

Jenna Citrus ArtIMG_0-40-2 Jenna Citrus ArtIMG_0-54 Jenna Citrus ArtIMG_0034 Jenna Citrus ArtIMG_0058Jenna Citrus ArtIMG_0-63-3 Jenna Citrus ArtIMG_0-15 Jenna Citrus ArtIMG_0-20IMG_2010

Images during the display by Mitch Luman of the Evansville Museum.
Night of the installation in the Koch Immersive Theater.
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Speech given the night of the installation:

I’d like to say a special thank you to Mitch Luman and the Evansville Museum for encouraging a new way to showcase my art pieces. Mitch and I have been working together for the past few months to create Evansville’s first immersive dome art experience.

Thank you to my mom and dad, who’ve put up with the chaos of having an artist in the house, the painted clothing, the photo shoots, the late nights, the togetherness, and the time I’ve spend staring at the computer instead. Thank you for your encouragement and the work you’ve helped me with.

Thank you to my partner Bryan, he pushes me to promote my art and self. We’ve spent countless late nights working on proof reading content together, pulling together pieces for shows, and coming up with new exciting ideas. Thank you for the support and for helping me to become my best self.

Thank you to my mentor, Joan deJong, we’ve had many a meeting discussing and deciding what sort of art it is that I do, while trying to define and shape where my art and self are going in the future. Hopefully today will show exactly what it is that I want to do with my art.

I would like to thank the Efroymson Family and the University of Southern Indiana for the Efroymson Bridge Year Fellowship, through this program I’ve been allowed the time to pursue art- making, research, and been gifted a platform to pursue artistic endeavors. In December I will be showing more of the pieces I’ve created throughout the year at the Mac/Pace Gallery.

Thank you USI Art Department for the foundation you’ve given me in design and the network of art students and professionals you’ve connected me with. With the education and outreach I’ve been exposed to through USI, tonight’s show has been made possible. Thank you.


The pieces you are about to see were created over the past two years in my home studio garage then formatted digitally to fit this screen. They are a mixture of painting, photography, and digital media. Some pieces are photographs of paintings, others are photos taken while the art making was in process, thereby generating a capsulated completed digital piece in the process of working towards another painting or digital image. And some are images that have been tessellated digitally, using the computer as a means of transforming a painting or photograph into a digital piece.

Some of the painting pieces were transient, they were only captured in the digital format and the physical painting no longer remains. The digital image leaves us with a permanent imprint of an instant. The digital file perpetually exists waiting to be transformed.

I use the digital file as a means of a beginning. From one file a multitude of images can descend and lend themselves to an outlet of display. The image can be transformed into a tangible form again by means of printing, digital display, or adapted to new technology as you will see momentarily.

Tonight, each artwork has found its home on the Koch Immersive Theater Dome. Together, let’s enjoy Evansville’s first 360-degree art installation.


Feature by Evans and Sutherland


“Here’s another neat event that demonstrates the flexibility and power of Digistar 5, enabling creativity in a dome environment. Evansville Museum of Arts, History & Science recently hosted an event featuring the art of Jenna Citrus on their dome using Digistar 5. Her work, which consists of photographic designs, original paintings and artwork were displayed on the dome in 360 degree, eye encompassing splendor. Some of the pieces displayed are reminiscent of rotundas, fractals, and abstract imagery.”
Post by Evans & Sutherland