Shadows in Lights

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After unleashing some of the possibilities 3-D printing held, I was inspired to convert one of my paintings to a 3-D modeled light.

The above photograph is a paper model.
The below models exhibit the concept modeled in 3-D.

Screen shot 2015-02-06 at 1.18.41 AM

This process began with a painting.

Scan 21

Then it is converted to a png.


It is cut, transformed, and finishes as a Papier mâché light.


Take Over by Happiness | Journal Series | Perfection Stands in the Way of Accomplishment.

Jenna Citrus ArtIMG_6428

Screen shot 2015-09-12 at 11.08.21 AM

Perfection Stands in the Way of Accomplishment.

The front cover of this 108 page blank lined writing journal encourages the journaler to not let perfection stand in the way of completion. By having unobtainable standards nothing can be accomplished. By setting goals that are within reach, even a stretched reach, they can be attained and progress will occur.

As part of the “Take Over by Happiness” series, this selection of journals creates a unique positive reminder each time it is touched.

Available on CreateSpace and Amazon.


Jenna Citrus Art Chicago IMG_0452

Sculptures by Jaume Plensa in Millennium Park.

Jenna Citrus Art Chicago IMG_0456

The bean.

Jenna Citrus Art Chicago IMG_0482

Painting a 5’x6′ canvas at Costel Iarca’s Iarca Gallery on Michigan Ave. Blue one three back on the left is mine. Front right one a young boy did as well at the same time. I painted in my socks which are still muted blues.

Jenna Citrus Art Chicago IMG_0492

Serendipity at Studio V (Frank Lloyd Wright Designed).

Jenna Citrus Art Chicago IMG_0562


Met a like minded friend and photographer. Image by Ryan Corsaro.

Jenna Citrus Art Chicago IMG_0505

May 5th 2015