Combination of Arts into a Light

Jenna Citrus Art Photographic Based Design Graphic Traditional Light

Process: Photographic images from 2010 + graphic design & vector transformation + paper cutting + papermâché + spray paint + experimentation on lighting techniques + dark room in the middle of the day, camera timer, extension cords, masking tape, fishing line, and wishing you had an assistant yielding this image. Where technology, time, persistence, process, and ideas meet.

This was inspired by the lights and images at Nervous System. I have begun 3-D modeling in school and to create images similar to this piece of art are some of my preliminary goals.

The Key to Make

The secret to making art is to not think about why you are making, where it will go, or if it is good enough.
Just make, knowing that your whole life has prepared you for this moment.
And in this moment, you do not need to think.
You do not need permission.
Simply act.

Quote from Infusion.