Infusion | Positive Quote Journal

Jenna Citrus Art

Infuse positivity into your everyday by using this sketch book. The author uses some of her personal manifestos in this publication. Quotes are written at the top of each page to evoke and maintain a stream of positivity and happiness while journaling, sketching, or doodling.

I never thought it would take this long to write a book, especially one with less than 1,000 words, but this quote journal has taken many forms in the year it has been written. And to keep with tradition, this is my official “Write One Book Per Year” goal accomplished. The actual typing, formatting, and writing of the final version of this book flew by, but the research, development, and wording took a year.

About the cover this is one of my recent paintings, I created it when my friend Kelly was over. Later my mom said I should make this into a journal cover, I thought about it, and she was completely right (as always), this cover stands for the all the colors and fusion that positivity speaks to me of, the intricacy of contrasting colors on top of one another, and even the cooler colors representing the difficulties that need to have an infusion of positivity into them to pull through them.

Screen shot 2014-11-27 at 6.52.26 PM

Quotes from the journal:
“Progression and Acceptance”
“Evoke moments of awe.”
“Living has transformed itself into an art.”
“Don’t crate, create.”
“Actively listen to others. Think & Decide for yourself.”

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The Post-Art Show

The Post-Art Show by Alex Norelli

10471308_10152377457027477_8947891768886972528_nImage by Alex Norelli.

…What began as a goal to make 2,014 postcards in the year 2014….quickly got out of hand, and over 5,000 postcards ensued. This exhibit shows previous projects by show organizer Alex Norelli as well as Art Cards by half a dozen wild and diverse artists(info on everyone below). Also, the Post-Art Poetry Project (the original Post-Art Project) will be on display after 4 years!


Leah Wellbaum
Ian Pyper
Lorelei Ramirez
Preston Spurlock
Jenna Citrus
Luke Kelly
Dina Levy
Axel Rat

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Post-Art Project homepage, facebook page & facebook event page, December 5th–14th.