House Installation Project

It has been a long run, but the kickstarter video has been launched!!

The official kickstarter can be found using this link:

Here is the information as well:

USI’s summer art class has been granted access to transform an unoccupied house into an immersive art experience.

The University of Southern Indiana’s ART 489 Special Projects-Outdoor Sculpture Exhibits Class has been given permission to transform a house into an installation sculpture.

On May 14, 2014 class will begin, and each undergraduate student will learn about the various types of existing installations based from building structures listed here: 

1. Community Space 
Examples: Theaster Gates –Dorchester Project Tyree Guyton–The Heidelberg Project

2. A location for metaphors of self-reflection and comments on particular issues 
Example:  Judy Chicago–At Home

3. Location sets for photography and movie sets
Examples: Gregory CrewdsonJee Young Lee & Tim Macpherson (see first four images)

4. Walls as a 3-dimensional canvas and using the house’s forms as a surface for design, an internal sculpture
Example: Schwitters—Merzbau

5. Home galleries

Then students will brainstorm and create a complete vision and message for the house and find the best methods of completion. Dr. Braysmith will teach the class the difference between infinite creativity in the arts and the practicality of time and money constraints.

The group of students, with backgrounds in woodworking, painting, photography, graphic design, and sculpture will work together in a multi-disiplinary fusion to create an installation piece of art using the house as a base. 

The location is 318 Jefferson Street in Evansville, Indiana  47713, USA. 

The house project will be a parallel project in conjunction with Sculpt EVV.
“EVV” is Evansville—all of us—and  “sculpt” means we are all creating our city together through art, music, food and community.
Sculpt EVV consists of four components and will take place on June 7th on the Corner of Jefferson Avenue and S.E. 2nd Street, this event is free and open to the public:
–African Art Popup Show
–Live R & B Music
–Hands on Activities for Children
–Artist Installation Project with USI students and neighborhood hood youths using recycled wooden pallets

Follow the progress of this project on our facebook page:

*All permissions from Brownfield Corporation (the owner of the property) and the University of Southern Indiana to access this property and create in it have already been acquired.


Risks and challenges 

Choosing a project 
Since we will be working on this project as a team, the students will need to collaborate but also be willing to compromise. As upperclassmen, we have had experience working in teams to achieve the best results, we will also be working under Dr. Braysmith who has organized Sculpt EVV with her classes two years pervious.

Staying within the Budget 
We will learn to differential between the infinite possibilities that creativity breeds and the practicality of time and money constraints. Before we spend any of the money, our class will decide which materials will be the highest priority and how we will be able to reduce our cost through looking for donated materials.





She Speak

She Speak

Tuesdae inspired vector font.

Created in Illustrator with a base of Tuesdae’s handwriting and finished using This piece was in the incubator stage for 2 months, after being told it wasn’t possible until graduate school, I decided to find ways to allow her to speak, we found them.

To download this font, click here.